Matosio Greenstar TH623 Smart thermostat for boiler

108.33 HT

  • SAVE ENERGY: Thanks to the Matosio Smart Thermostat, your energy consumption is optimized and your comfort is improved. You can save up to 20% energy by using the smart schedule.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The connected thermostat includes 2 pieces of equipment: a gateway which controls your boiler and establishes WIFI connections with the home's internet, as well as a wireless room thermostat which allows you to control and view the room temperature. You can place your room thermostat in your room. The WIFI gateway is installed next to the boiler. It is compatible with the majority of boilers (gas/oil/wood/electric boiler). Installation is quick and simple.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Control your heating remotely from your smartphone (iOS, Android), tablet or computer, anywhere and anytime.
  • INTELLIGENT PROGRAM: Cloudwarm application allows intelligent management of your boiler. You can program the heating schedule to optimize comfort and energy consumption.
  • EASY TO USE: With our Cloudwarm app, you can easily control and schedule your boiler, view your history. You can add multiple family members in your Cloudwarm account to share remote control. The interface is intuitive.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Programmable thermostat with LCD screen and touch buttons, combined with an elegant and contemporary design.


Stop heating your home unnecessarily and avoid wasting energy. The smart functions of the connected thermostat allow you to optimize your consumption and improve your comfort! The Claudwarm app is intuitive and smart. You can adjust the parameters of your boiler with precise electronic regulation. You can program a heating schedule adapted to your needs. There is also a holiday and anti-freeze mode which adapts the heating when you are away for a long time. In addition to smart programming, you can always control your heating remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Compatible with most boiler models (compatible with OpenTherm boiler or on/off control), it is easy to install. You can install your Thermostat yourself in less than 1 hour!

Technical specifications
Setting range (temperature): 5 ~35°C
Control protocol: OpenTherm or On/Off command
Radio communication: 868.0 ~868.7 MHz / 100 meters in the open air (Between Thermostat and Gateway)
Radio transmission power: <=25mW
Wi-Fi frequency band: 2.4~2.5 GHz
WIFI transmission power: 25mW (72.2Mbps) / 100mW (802.11b mode)
Power supply: Thermostat: 5V DC mini USB / Gateway: 230V AC +/-10% 50 Hz
Power consumption: Thermostat: <1W / Gateway: <2W
Relay load (Gateway): 0.5A, 125V AC / 2A, 30V DC
Protection class: Thermostat: IP30 / Gateway: IP20
Operating temperature: 0~55°C
Operating humidity: 5~95% RH (non-condensing)
Product dimension: Thermostat: 90*55*110 mm / Gateway: 110*110*31.5 mm
Packaging dimension: 250*147*78mm
Product weight: 750 grams (with packaging)

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14.7 × 7.8 cm


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