Octopus speakerphone for audio conferencing

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• Matosio Octopus is a Micro USB conference speaker intended for use in the meeting room or teleworking office.
• Simply plug this equipment including microphone and speaker into your computer's USB port and it will become a professional conference call system in seconds.
• Fully “PLUG & PLAY” equipment: Simply plug Octopus into your computer's USB, launch your favorite conference application and start your meeting
• Omnidirectional microphone provides 360 degree voice pickup up to 3 meters
• DSP technology provides natural sounding voice and echo reduction. Minimize noise like air conditioner, mouse, keyboard in conference rooms, to ensure excellent conference experience
• You won't have to struggle to hear what the other person is saying (HD Voice / Wideband Audio).
• Don't worry if you don't have enough USB ports on your computer, you can easily connect mouse, keyboard and a USB key to the built-in USB Hub of the Octopus.
• The LED indicators are intuitive and will guide you very easily in handling your device.
• Compatible with all video conferencing applications such as Zoom, MS Teams, GoToMeeting, Webex, Google Meet, Skype, Facetime and more. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS


Professional conference call microphone and speaker

Matosio Octopus is a conference speaker and microphone that turns any conversation into a conference call in seconds. An intuitive speaker that connects via USB with crystal clear sound. Set up your conference room anywhere with this portable USB conference speakerphone. Thanks to its small size, it is portable and suitable for a small meeting room or an individual telecommuting office. Hear and be heard with a microphone that picks up 360° sound from any angle up to 3 meters away. A full-range loudspeaker for HD voice. Proprietary audio algorithms for automatic echo cancellation, noise suppression and automatic gain control to ensure excellent audio quality. Octopus features plug-and-play technology. Simply plug Octopus into your computer's USB port and it's ready to use. Octopus is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, Facetime and more.

Product specification

• Omnidirectional microphones in 360° : voice pick-up radius of 3 meters
• HI-FI loudspeaker for HD voice
• Built-in USB hub
• Volume control +/-
• “Mute” button
• LED indicators
• USB 2.0 port with 3 meter cable
• Product size/weight: 203mm x 179mm x 40mm / 312g
• Package size/weight:233mm x 204mm x 46mm / 451g

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 23.3 × 20 × 4.6 cm

2 reviews for Octopus Haut-Parleur & Microphone de conférence

  1. Bernard Y.

    The product is easy to use. Simply plug it into your computer's USB port, and change the audio and microphone settings to use the device. No driver installation is necessary. The sound is clear, the microphone is sensitive. Ideal product for professional conference calls.

  2. Lucie

    This product works great for eight participants around a table! Good result. I recommand it.

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