Matosio PumaPro Plus Video Conferencing System

791.66 HT

  • Matosio PumaPro Plus is a complete solution for your professional videoconference meetings. It is composed of a high-performance 4K ePTZ intelligent video conference camera, an integrated microphone array and a TRUE VOICE speaker, as well as 4 wireless extension microphones. It is ideal for medium and large conference rooms (up to 20 people). PumaPro Plus is Zoom certified and is compatible with PC or Mac video conferencing applications (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, Facetime and more).
  • 100% PLUG & PLAY equipment: simply plug PumaPro Plus into your computer's USB port, launch your favorite videoconferencing application and start your meeting.
  • Excellent video quality with ePTZ 4K UHD camera, wide 120° field of view, 6x digital zoom. Equipped with powerful artificial intelligence, the AI tracking system (Face & Speaker tracking) allows you to automatically frame and follow the face of the interlocutor. WDR (Wide Dynamic Rang Technology) automatically adjusts to low light and ensures clear video streaming.
  • Crystal clear sound, and voice pickup from up to 10 meters thanks to the integrated network microphones and 4 wireless extension microphones. Exclusive 3A audio algorithms for automatic echo cancellation, background noise reduction and automatic gain control, minimizing noise such as air conditioning, mouse, keyboard in the conference room to ensure an excellent experience videoconferencing.
  • Easy to install and use videoconferencing system. Wireless extension microphones can be placed wherever you want, without any wires lying around on the meeting table. The docking station is equipped with convenient magnetic contacts for charging the 4 wireless expansion microphones. An IR remote allows easy control from a distance, with the ability to zoom in/out on the camera, control volume +/- or turn microphones on/off with just one click. With a flexible tripod-compatible clip, the PumaPro Plus all-in-one camera can be mounted on the screen or used with a tripod.


Matosio PumaPro Plus is a video conferencing system designed for medium to large meeting rooms with up to 20 participants. It is equipped with a high-resolution 4K video conferencing camera with a 120-degree field of view, a built-in microphone array and 4 wireless extension microphones providing extended voice pickup range up to 10 meters , as well as a TRUE VOICE speaker. The AI tracking system (Face & Speaker tracking) uses powerful artificial intelligence to automatically frame and track the face of the speaker. Wide Dynamic Range Technology (WDR) optimizes video quality in a variety of lighting conditions, including low light. Exclusive 3A audio algorithms ensure excellent sound quality by automatically canceling echo, suppressing extraneous noise and automatically controlling gain. Installation and use of PumaPro Plus is very simple thanks to its Plug&Play concept. Just plug it into the computer's USB port and it's ready to use. The 4 wireless extension microphones can be placed wherever you want, without any cables lying around on the table, and can be charged with a docking station. Equipped with an infrared remote control, it offers great convenience of use by allowing you to remotely zoom in/out of the camera, control the volume +/- or activate/deactivate the microphone in one click. PumaPro Plus is Zoom certified, it is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet and Facetime and more.


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